3 Keys

The Hidden Costs of Disorganized Financial Records

  • Disorganized client records force tax preparers, attorneys, estate planners, and other professionals to spend more time on a job. This translates into higher fees.
  • Inaccurate bank balances, incorrect receivables and payables, or faulty revenue and expense figures can give you the wrong picture of how your business is doing. Incorrect information now can mean poor decisions now and problems later.

Fortunately, getting financially organized and staying that way is easier than ever today – providing you know what to do. Using any or all of my 3 Keys to Financial Organization can streamline your accounting and record-keeping processes. I provide customized levels of help to match your skill and comfort level.

Key #1: Systematize

Proper setup of the right accounting system for you is the first key. QuickBooks, Quicken or information capturing systems like Neat Receipts maintain efficient record-keeping and create accurate reports. However, they must be setup correctly to reap their full benefits and avoid further problems.

Key #2: Automate

Automation, or taking a repetitive, time-consuming activity like bill paying or bank reconciliations and making it automatic is the second key. Automated processes mean your accounting system works for you, not the other way around.

Key #3: Digitize

Digitizing, or turning physical paper documents into scanned electronic images, is the third key. Tapping the power of digitizing means more efficient and safer storage and better ability to access and share your documents and financial information.

Customized Levels of Help

Everyone has different levels of expertise and comfort in dealing with technology. For that reason, I customize the amount and type of help I provide:

  • Do-It-Yourself. Are you technically proficient and want to do it yourself? My free e-report, 3 Keys to Financial Organization, provides details to help you systematize, automate, and digitize.
  • Initial Setup & Instruction Are you like most clients – busy and in need of initial help? I offer in-person and remote access assistance, making sure that steps are clear, manageable and provide easy-to-track accountability.
  • Setup & Ongoing Support Do you need someone to tailor the system to your needs and then provide regular review of the books and other processes? I am available for ongoing assistance in any area of the 3 Keys and work remotely with out-of-state clients.

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