Carol Dubs is a Connecticut licensed CPA, an MBA graduate,  and a Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor.  With over twenty years experience as a bookkeeper and accountant, her focus has been on the financial needs of small businesses and organizations, particularly solopreneurs, small partnerships, and not-for-profit entities.

She has seen the problems that occur when busy, highly paid professionals such as tax preparers, attorneys, and financial managers receive disorganized or incorrect information from clients. Time is wasted, often leading to higher fees. If hidden errors are not discovered, then reports, statements and decisions rendered may be incorrect.

As a result, Carol became inspired to help clients create and maintain clear, complete, and well organized financial records. This focus is part of her larger interest in helping people bring their personal and professional dreams into concrete reality. When our daily processes are clear, simple, and well-organized, then our goals can be supported.