Online Services

Have you thought of enlisting the aid of an on-line accounting service?

Benefit #1: Online accounting services save your business money. Freed from high overhead and travel costs, online vendors can offer a more competitive price.

Benefit #2: Online accounting services save your business time. By taking advantage of the instant communication via the Internet, services are delivered quickly and efficiently, with greater opportunities and options for creative solutions.

Benefit #3: Online accounting services give you a broader selection of consultants from which to choose. You are no longer limited to consultants in their own geographic area. You can choose the consultant that best meets your needs, regardless of where they are located.

Benefit #4: Online accounting services can help you feel more secure about your financial information. The security protocols used by major technology providers such as Intuit (developers of QuickBooks Online) are powerful and highly sophisticated. Online storage and transfer of electronic information is often safer than storage and transfer of paper files, which can be destroyed by fire and flood or stolen.

Benefit #5: Online accounting services reduce the overall number and amount of physical paper files you have to deal with. Financial records are stored on a remote server. Critical data is exchanged in electronic format, via a strongly protected and encrypted file transfer process.